Kharidar requirement

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As per the Kharidar Vacancy Notice, posts for various service, group, and subgroup are vacant.

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Similarly, all the vacant posts will be fulfilled by Internal Competition as well as Open and Inclusive competition. Here is the detail of Kharidar Vacancies such as minimum qualification, application fee, last date and procedure to apply. Applicant should have the following minimum qualification: — 1. Any candidate who is a citizen of Nepal between 18 to 35 years having minimum qualification for the vacant post can apply.

Though, the age limit for women and handicap person is between 18 to 40 years.

kharidar requirement

How To Apply for Kharidar Vacancy ? There will be an electronic form that you will need to fill-up. Also, you will have to submit scanned copies of minimum qualification documents and citizenship certificate as well as a passport size photo. However, you can apply on the vacancy till Chaitra 25, [April 7, ] by paying a double fee. Likewise, there are two methods to apply for the vacancy of Kharidar Online Payment Method.

kharidar requirement

Search Terms:. Kharidar Pad ko Qualification K K hunu parchha? Kharidar Post Minimum Qualification. How to apply for Kharidar? Newer Post Older Post Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom.This post solves your quires like Nepali GK, Quiz question in Nepal language, online gk practice Nepal, Loksewa gk, loksewa tayari in Nepal, current affairs of Nepal, current affairs gk and samasamayik samanya gyan in the Nepali language.

We hope, it helps you to prepare a Public Service Commission Exam, Quiz question answer, and other related exams. There are general knowledge questions and answer with Nepali and English language, you can choose your language as you wish. We were listing some current affairs of Nepal, Nepali history, world history, etc, contents.

Let's start to reading, all the best.

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In which district is the 'Fungfung' waterfall? How many heritage properties are listed in the World Heritage List? Who was the first to use the word 'Jai Nepal'? How many national pride projects are there in Nepal right now? Which is Nepal's first highway?? What is the name of road Kathmandu - Pokhara? What is called the blank sheet on the front and back of the book? Who is the 'Zero' Inventor? From which district did tea cultivation originate in Nepal?

kharidar requirement

When was the division of 14 zones and 75 districts? How many MW of electricity has been produced in Nepal so far? When is earthquake day celebrated in Nepal?

kharidar requirement

In which district does the Chinamasta's temple belong? What is is called Tharu caste the 'Ghar-Jwai' in tradition? Which district lies in Zakhira Lake? By what name is the Bhandarkal festival known? How many trade points have been opened between Nepal and India? Which is the smallest district of Nepal after local level division? Where is the 'Ghorne' waterfall? Where did Gautam Buddha give the first sermon? Who is the second Miss Nepal of Nepal?

Who is the first Chairman of the Public Service Commission? Which is the tallest temple in Nepal? By what treaty did the First World War end? When was Nepal declared untouchable free nation?

What is considered the world's first cashier? When did the plantation program start in Nepal? Where is the lowest section of the Asian Highway?

Which country is the largest cotton producing country in the world? What is a country with no police and no prison? What is the hottest place in the world? What is the coldest place in the world? Who has used the custom of cutting a child's placenta after birth? What was the district called during 'Lichchhivikal'? Who is known as the Bullet King?Posted by Shishir Pandey 0.

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S A. It deals with the selection of candidates to fill vacant civil service posts required by the Government of Nepal.

According to the Constitution of NepalPart 23, ArticleSection 1, there should be a Public Service Commission of Nepal which should consist of a Chairperson and four other members.

In the same article Section 2, it mentions that these 5 members will be appointed by the President, with the recommendation from the Constitutional Council. The Constitution also states the functions, duties, and the rights of the Public Service Commission.

One of the primary duties of this commission is to announce and give the examination in order to find suitable candidates for vacant civil service positions.

They select the candidates based on their performance in the open competitive written exam, open competitive practical exam, interview, and other methods applied by the commission.

The Lok Sewa Aayog examination is a highly competitive exam. Many people throughout the country take this exam in order to get a government job. Getting a government job in Nepal is beneficial, which is why there are so many people who are willing to take this exam. Getting a government job in Nepal usually means having a stable job over the span of many years, having a good salary, getting promotions, lots of holidays, paid leaves and also a decent pension after retirement.

Not only that, depending on your post, there are opportunities to travel; for which you get a travel allowance. Among all of the reasons for taking the Lok Sewa Aayog examination, the most common one is that government jobs are highly valued in society. Having a government job usually equals to high social prestige.

The eligibility varies depending on which civil service sector and which post you are applying.

KHARIDAR Vacancy Notice for Fiscal Year 2076-2077 | Lok Sewa Ayog [PSC]

These will be listed in the vacancy announcements of the specific posts. As mentioned above the Lok Sewa Aayog examination is a highly competitive exam for which preparations are a must. These are some of the best institutions for the preparation of the Lok Sewa Aayog examination in Kathmandu.

Apex is an educational institute who has been conducting classes designed to help candidates who want to take the Lok Sewa Aayog examination.

BEA is an educational institute which has been providing quality education to their students with a friendly and encouraging learning environment. CIM is an educational, research, and training institute is known for providing quality educational training along with other good facilities. Dima is an institute which primarily focuses on candidates who want to be a part of the security forces of Nepal.

This institute is well known for providing great classes for many different courses, one of them being the Lok Sewa Aayog Exam Preparation classes. NAME is a very renowned educational institution in Kathmandu. Many courses are provided by this institution and over the years has gotten successful results. Established in B.

NIMS is also one of the more popular institutions in Kathmandu. It provides many different courses and has been able to get successful results in all those courses. They are quite renowned for their excellent teaching methods and friendly learning environment. Your email address will not be published.

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Why take the exam? Eligibility The eligibility varies depending on which civil service sector and which post you are applying.

Best institutions for preparation in Kathmandu As mentioned above the Lok Sewa Aayog examination is a highly competitive exam for which preparations are a must. Apex Educational Institute Apex is an educational institute who has been conducting classes designed to help candidates who want to take the Lok Sewa Aayog examination.Lok sewa aayog announces several www psc gov np vacancy for different positions. You can get these details online in a single step.

If you wish to get latest vacancy notices, you are at right place. This page and other information just below this page consist of numerous lok sewa aayog vacancy. If you want to see more job vacancies in www psc gov np, you can see under the Related topics section just below this article. This consists of all listed jobs. Here are the latest vacancies by Lok Sewa Ayog.

Download Full details of Lok sewa ayog from here.

Syllabus Of Kharidar 2076 Loksewa Aayog Nepal

Download form for lok sewa ayog. Nepal government needs huge number of employees for the smooth functioning of administration and all the operation throughout the nation.

KHARIDAR Vacancy Notice | 248 Posts for Fiscal Year 2075-2076 | Non-Technical | Lok Sewa Ayog

On the behalf of government, various commissions advertise for the vacancies time and often. Public Service Commission www psc gov np vacancy is also a government controlled body. It looks after recruitment, training as well as employee development for different government posts. It looks after fulfilling HR needs of ministries, district as well as local administrations and other government controlled offices.

When any government body realizes need of more human resource, it goes through formal vacancy announcement via Lok Sewa Aayog www psc gov np. We can notice www psc gov np vacancy announcement time and often in national dailies. They announce for the vacant post along with job specifications, descriptions and all the competencies the interested candidates should possess. Thousands of people fight for Lok Sewa Aayog and government job is considered a secure and career building opportunity.

Each candidate goes through lots of hard work as he or she needs to prepare for the lok sewa exam respective to the post he or she is applying for. However, Lok Sewa Aayog vacancy are not randomly published or announced like that of private companies. Public Service Commission have definite time frame for recruitment and one needs to wait till then. With government bodies also owning official websites, www psc gov np vacancy announcement can be found on the websites too.

There are lots of information portals too announcing the www psc gov np vacancy. They use the information from the Public Service Commission and publish the announcement. With growing numbers of information portals, getting information about Lok Sewa Aayog and all its announcements have also become much easier.

Just log on to website and get the information. Lok sewa aayog vacancy has been opened.Dear Readers, thanks for choosing to Post a Comment. Please keep in mind that all comments are moderated according to our Comment Policyand your email address will NOT be published. Let's have a meaningful conversation relevant to the post topic.

Subscribe Us. It is most secure, have attractive wages and facilities. Public Service Commission Nepal Estd. It is mentioned in the present Constitution of Nepal Log on to psconline. Finally, you have reached the Previous page, where you filled your detail. Click "Next" Right bottom Now you reached "Education". Click 'Add New Details", you see a popup, f ill all the educational details from SLC to higher one after another and click "Next" If you have any training, then fill the details, if not leave blank, For Medical studentsMedical council details are required, for other leave blanks.

For Nepal government employees declaring all the experience details is mandatory. For applying in internal category and age relaxation, please mention working status as 'Working' in your current experience only and for previous experience please mention working status as ' Transferred '. You have now reached to Upload session. Upload your Scanned Photograph and Scanned Signature. Note: scan your signature on a white blank paper and upload.

Upload Your Minimum Qualification Document. Upload your Equivalence Certificate for Foreign Studies. And click "Next" Now you get your master id See top left. Keep in mind that this master id you can be used for Next upcoming exams in future.

You must not necessary to upload details for the future which you have already uploaded now. This is the last page for application for a new vacancy in PSC.

Select service and class as mentioned in the advertisement by psc and Click "View All". Select the Advertisement Code, and select the group from where you belong.

For Female, Select Khulla and Mahila and click "Process" Select a subject for written exam 3rd or 4th paper and submit.Vacancy 11 Mar 1.

Public Service Commission - PSC Lok Sewa Aayog publishes vacancy for Non-technical second class Kharidar or similar position on the basis of internal, open and inclusive competitive examination. The candidates who wish and meet the minimum eligibility criteria may apply through the official website www.

A the judicial services, the judiciary, the law, and government bureaucratic groups and the administration services, the general administration group and the general administration group of the parliamentary services of the legislature. B For Administration Services, Accounting Group - SLC taking mathematics or law degree or elective accounting subject from a recognized educational institution.

Or pass like that. Note: After the grading system is implemented SLC Except for the candidates who pass the GPA of grade 2 or above, in the case of candidates who pass the same test, minimum qualification will be considered. A Employees working in Gazette Uncategorized Third Class and Unclassified posts may be potential candidates for the positions fulfilled by internal competitive examination.

B The minimum educational qualification required for the rank of Gazette Unaccounted Secondary and the minimum service period three years pursuant to subsection 6 of section 7 of the Civil Service Act, But civil servants of women, indigenous nationalities, Madhesi, Dalits, persons with disabilities and backward areas will be potential candidates for promotion even if the service period is less than one year.

C Candidates concerned shall have the required minimum service term and educational qualification in the service pursuant to Sub-section 14 Ka of the Civil Service Act,Parliament Secretariat Act, In the posts under the Legislature-Parliamentary Service, only employees employed in a post under the Legislature-Parliament Secretariat, Rule 77 of the Staff Administration Rules,maybe candidates for the post. E Must not be ineligible to be a candidate in accordance with Article 10 of the Civil Service Act, F In relation to the calculation of the previous service period, it shall be in accordance with Rule of the Civil Service Rules, The service term for this must be verified.

LokSewa Online Form Fillup Procedure (Step by Step Tutorial)

G In order to determine equivalence, a certified copy of the equivalence determination must be submitted in favor of educational qualification. H The details regarding your service must be specified when filling the online application form.

Not a Member Yet! Join Us it's Free. Already have account Please Login. Colleges Course Search. Services Offered.With simple and clear step by step method without any confusion.

Before Loksewa Aayog started Online Application form candidates used to submit their form through the corresponding PSC Loksewa Aayog regional offices within the certain time on Office hour. The online application form of Loksewa Aayoug is fruitful to all of us who are preparing and planning to apply for any Nepali Government Job because now all the candidates of PSC throughout the world can submit their Online Application of Loksewa Aayog at any time as their wish very easily. Before you apply for any job vacancy for the required post you must create you personal account on Loksewa Aayog Online Application Form page exactly how you create your profile account on Facebook.

You can see your username or password automatically popped at the top right corner of current page as similar as in image below. I suggest you to watch the video for better understanding, video is in Nepali language.

If you do have any problem regarding the PSC Online application form please refer my video tutorial above and feel free to discuss in the comment.

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Hardik Brww I need your help education detail correct input garda save lina mandaina twa. Abhijeet you cant apply for the same post twice, and if your name, cast and DOB are correct then no need to worry. Aru kura haru galat vaye pani kei farak pardaina. And then click on Payment option, and after that choose pending option and click search then it will list your total non paid submission list.

Choose your one and print again. Hope it helps you. Feel free to discuss if still got any confusion. This ID would be used to identify the Candidate bu Loksewa as per their requirement. So you must remember or save your master ID.

Namaste Hardik ji! Now I came to know that there are options for economics and many more. Is there any way out to correct the mistake of misinformation?

Please go through the video tutorial which will show you easily. Yo first time form varda tapaiko mobile maa sms sahit aayeko hola yehi 6aina vane aafno account maa signin garera home vitra e-admit card vitra gayera herna mil6.

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Www Psc Gov Np Vacancy, लोक सेवा आयोग Vacancies Nepal

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