How to talk to jinn

I really want to do thisI have heard you can sell your soul for anythingI know much about Jinn but not much about Black Magic. I have heard many tales of people who communicated with Jinnnah. One of the boys I knewHis father used to go into the graveyard at night to cause spells every. I heard he used to see faces in the mirrorI have heard many of these tales but All these people one day dissapear can someone tell me where they go?.

Personally I have gone through that experience myself no. Better remain the way we were and leave them be. There are other more beneficial things to be chosen in life First you have to become a steadfast believer, that will take you far longer than any communication you will seek out.

They live years each, contact them now and you will contact them for not only you but the next years of your bloodline. Don't believe me, go ask your shiekh, once you enter that world you will never be removed from it and if your Iman is not high you will shatter your brain to bits.

I also know of others to whom stones and trees speak saying, "Congratulations, Oh friend of Allaah" and when the people recite Aayatul-Kursee it stops. I am acquainted with yet others who have gone bird-hunting and the sparrows addressed them saying, "Take me so that the poor may eat me.

Others have met beings which claimed to be guides, guardian spirits or their higher selves. However, the common thought which links most of these experiences is the ultimate expression of idolatry: that man is God, as was expressed by Al-Hallaaj and countless others before and after him.

Lights may shine on him or someone looking like his friend may call on him but, if he recites Aayatul-Kursee continually, it will all dissappear. OMG I hate Derren Brown, since I realize the lottery factor was once a break up reveal after for the reason that video on Youtube, it was once so transparent it was once a significant lie. And secondly getting caught to my chair did not paintings in any respect! BUT When I recorded his exhibit and watched the short time of the lady looking to make us psychic, then sponsored up and went to the final mins of the exhibit, and I bought the photo of three circles!

I want to communicate with Jinn? How I do this?

Then I idea wow it labored. Then whilst I watched the relaxation of the application, I have an understanding of he were placing subliminal messages the complete manner by way of, since different men and women have been putting in place disconcerting circles besides.

BUT I did not see the core of the exhibit and it nonetheless labored. Wow, simply WOW! The shayaateen are from among the jinn; they are the rebellious ones and the most evil among them, just as the devils among mankind are the rebellious ones and the most evil among them. There are among the jinn, as is the case among mankind, devils who are the rebellious ones and the most evil, kaafirs and evildoers. There are also Muslims among them who are righteous and good. Allaah says interpretation of the meaning :.

how to talk to jinn

I once had an Experience of Meeting one I alone in my friends room using my friends bed. The next Experience A black cat almost size of my body placed her two hands on my hands and two legs on my legs and forcing her head into my mouth as he can enter in my body. Packless Wolf. I have heard many tales of people who communicated with Jinnnah - One of the boys I knewHis father used to go into the graveyard at night to cause spells every.

Update 2: Nice info Nova. I have these visions often. Oh Allah! Why did you make thee Man! Answer Save. Favorite Answer. U can choose from one of the following ways of communicating:- 1. Jo Lv 5.There are two types of jinn good ones and bad ones, and the good jinn have connection between Allah SWT and this world.

Good Jinn has powers which they use to help people and bad Jinn use to create problems for the people and use to curse them in different manners. If you want to call good Jinn of your help then there is a very special method to call Jinn and to make a connection with him. It is also possible to talk with jinn. You can tell your problem to Jinn and jinn can help you in solving your problem.

You can make any person to love you with the help of Jinn. If your partner is angry with you or not talking to you then Jinn can help you in removing the anger of your partner.

Jinn can also help you in getting you any kind of work done. Some people know special Amal to make contacts with Jinn even some people possess Jinn and use to help others. There are many benefits Jinns they can fulfill any kind of your wish. You can remain happy and problems free in your life with their help and also can attain good luck.

You can avoid unwanted incidents going to happen in your future life.

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The powers of Jinn are miraculous that give results instantly. Even a common person can call jinn for his help. If you are thinking to call Jinn for your help then you can follow the method given on this page.

Is it possible to talk to the jinn and use them?

Wazifa to call jinn is very powerful and anyone can take benefits of this Wazifa. To get your problem solved. To get love and attractions of any particular person. To remove anger from the heart of your partner. To get your lost love back to you. To get your wish fulfilled. To attain success in any particular field. To get success in business. To get permission of your parents for love marriage.

Light a white candle at your front. Read Darood Sharif for 11 times.By yusuf44aOctober 12, in General Islamic Discussion. I'm sorry but are you out your mind??? Stay away from jinn. They will try to make you lose your faith. Any good muslim won't interact with jinn, and any good jinn won't interact with humans.

Therefore any jinn that interacts with a human is of bad nature and you can guarantee harm will come your way. I'm too scared to do it even if i knew how. I just didn't think its even possible. I still don't.

how to talk to jinn

Trying to communicate with them can be dangerous. So don't try any method even out of curiosity. And that persons from among men used to seek refuge with persons from among jinn, so they increased them in wrongdoing: English - Shakir. Just do your wajibat and mustahabat and then focus on your own life. If speaking to jinn was productive then the holy qur'an would recommended or they'll be accounts of ahlulbat a. The good jinns won't talk to you.

Only the bad ones will and they will expect something in return. If someone saw a jinn I would think he's hallucinating to be honest, unless he proves he's not. An uncle of mine, however, works with them with good intentions as far as I am concerned he has dedicated himself to that field in Iraq and is actually renowned there, but there is a life of study and dedication behind him.

As far as I know, what he does is not haraam, as long as he is aware there is no harm in it. Nonetheless, our narrations advise us that there will always be more exhaust and energy loss than any gain in relations with jinns. Question: Is invocation of the jinn with a view to solving the problems of the faithful permissible?

In regards to conversating with JINN, I would suggest you to be on a safer side not to befriend them unless you are mature and experienced enough to know whether its a believing or non believing jinn.

It is scary to talk to jin. I believe most scariest thing is the fear from creation. I have not seen anyone possessed by Jinns except at the doorsteps of those who have personal friendship with Police Jinns and they ask police Jinns to make liberate people from mischievious jinns inside them.

And those Police Jinns do that for free for that person. Jinns are not like people have made it. I believe in Jinns but not like most of people believe.

Finally, i stepped forward and talked to the person the voice sound very different.What you think about those people? And is it ok to speek with them. Using the jinn is a power that was given only to Sulaymaan peace be upon him. So you should try to advise these people and if they respond, all well and good; otherwise the safest thing to do is to leave them alone and not speak to them. When he stopped using branding, they started to greet him again. And Allaah knows best.

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Many people feel that if they have a jinn in their command they can accomplish great tasks, be another Prophet Suliman pbuh and have no problems in their life! I usually tell them to stop dreaming and come back to reality. First and far most, controlling a jinn by far is NO easy tasks. It can take years of practice and determination.

How Jinn Comes and talk about his hero (Dajjal)

In fact I personally know people who have spent years trying to get Hazariat control of jinn and have failed. There are multiple ways to learn how to control jinn. Either way, any method to control a Jinn is NOT easy. It takes years of preparation, where one must be fully aligned with their spiritual energy, have all their senses alert and far most, learn protection to the highest level, because even when trying to conjure a pious Muslim jinn, they will do everything in their power to get you to stop, even if it means your death.

Would you like to be in control of another person unwillingly? Conjuring any entity is not as simple as, going on some Ruhani spiritual site, or going on any Amal site, or conjuring spell site, doing their stated methods and succeeding. If in fact it was that easy, do you not think more people would have Jinns in their control and the entire Jinn phenomenon would not be so unusual?

Before anyone tries to conjure anything, they must:. What is the point of conjuring anything if you cannot see or sense them? Do you really think because you follow a method to conjure an entity you will automatically see it? There are Jinns all around us, do you see them? Most likely not, so what makes you think you will see anything during your ritual?

You should be aware of each method and be willing to proper it properly and know what method is needed to make your ritual a success. Are you aware of them and ready to deal with them? Some rituals can cause the ones close to you especially wife, children, husband, loved ones trouble if the entities cannot get to you. Are you prepared to see your loved ones harmed and or destroyed? Remember, they will do all they need to do, to get you to stop doing your Amal ritual. Time: Some amals take 41 days; some less, some require you to be clean wudu throughout the day and refrain from any kind of sinning.

Can you handle this, if you have a normal life that involves going out, seeing friends, working? It is kind of hard to follow some important protocols.

Are you prepared for the loss and ready to move to the next Amal?

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This can make or break an Amal and save your life at times. A teacher is needed who is either an Amil of that Amal one who has performed the same ritual and perfected it and or a teacher who is fully aware of the Amal and knows how to deal with the problems.

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You see, many people think if they get permission from a teacher of some sort to do an Amal, they are set. This is a lie told to people. We are humans and indeed we will make mistakes during our ritual. Sometime when you recite something 20,x, you are bound to make a mistake.Using the jinn is a power that was given only to Sulaymaan peace be upon him.

So you should try to advise these people and if they respond, all well and good; otherwise the safest thing to do is to leave them alone and not speak to them.

When he stopped using branding, they started to greet him again. And Allaah knows best. Password should contain small, capital letter and at least 8 characters long. Log in Create an account. If you do not have an account, you can click the button below to create one. Create new account Log in. Reset password. English en. Is it possible to talk to the jinn and use them? Publication : Views : What you think about those people?

And is it ok to speek with them. I live away from my family for some years, I faced many problems, And Allah helped me to solve them I have some stupid love problem, I need to talk with someone who can really tell me about it. Praise be to Allaah. Add a comment Top of page. Type of comment Comment on academic content Comment on spelling Request translation of the answer Request clarification of the answer. Questions cannot be asked through this form.Throughout history man has always had a deep attraction for the supernatural and the unseen.

The existence of a world parallel to our own has always fascinated people. This world is commonly referred to as the spirit world, and almost every set of people have some concept of one. With some people, these spirits are no more then the souls of dead people- or ghosts. With others, spirits are either the forces of good or the forces of evil - both battling against one another to gain influence over humanity.

how to talk to jinn

However, both of these explanations are more in tune with folk tales and fantasy. The true explanation of such a world comes from Islam.

Dua to Call Jinn

Like every other way, Islam also claims to explain this realm of the unseen. It is from this realm that Islam explains to us about the world of the Jinn. The Islamic explanation of the Jinn provides us with so many answers to modem day mysteries. Without the knowledge of this world, the Muslims would become like the non-Muslims and be running around looking for any old answer to come their way.

So, who or what are the Jinn?

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The Jinn are beings created with free will, living on earth in a world parallel to mankind. Thus, they are physically invisible from man as their description suggests. This invisibility is one of the reasons why some people have denied their existence.

The origins of the Jinn can be traced from the Quran and the Sunnah. God says:. Thus the Jinn were created before man. As for their physical origin, then the Prophet, may the mercy and blessings of God be upon him, has confirmed the above verse when he said:. It is this description of the Jinn which tells us so much about them. Because they were created from fire, their nature has generally been fiery and thus their relationship with man has been built upon this.

Like humans, they too are required to worship God and follow Islam. Their purpose in life is exactly the same as ours, as God says:. Jinns can thus be Muslims or non-Muslims. However, due to their fiery nature the majority of them are non-Muslims. All these non-Muslim Jinns form a part of the army of the most famous Jinn, Satan [1].

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